Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is

    Reminder Netherlands BV is a young organization that sets the objective to stimulate professional management of Contracts, Subscriptions and Warranty Certificates among consumers and businesses through good management so that huge savings are realized.

    An additional advantage is the accessibility to a large digital archives. You have anywhere in the world, and 24-hour access to all scanned documents. Sign in and in one search all the information at your disposal.

  2. How can I order a subscription to is free and without obligation to try for a year. After one year you pay only € 2.00 per month. With intensive use of larger numbers of contracts is a paid subscription is recommended. Check for all available subscriptions the overview. Make a choice, and start immediately. Do you already have a subscription (even the free version) and want to upgrade, then log in and choose to upgrade.

  3. For whom is appropriate? is suitable for everyone. Individuals, businesses, (semi) government, foundations and associations, in short, any organization regardless of the number of contracts, offices and/ or departments.

  4. Can I try

    There is a free introduction subscription, which you can use for a year to get experience with reminder.

  5. I have trouble correctly completing a Reminder, what should I do?

    Should you in creating and managing Reminders need support, you can use our Chat service. Chat with one of our staff online. If desired, we watch with you. Our staff will help you and are available on weekdays from 09.00 to 17.00. So Feel free to ask your questions. We are happy to be of service.

  6. I don't want to add an attachment to the reminder, is this possible?

    Yes, that's possible. provides the ability to upload a contract attached, but this is not mandatory. You are free to enter the Reminders only, without the attachment.

  7. We want to add multiple email addresses to a Reminder where do I do that?

    From the Business Subscription it allows you to add multiple email recipients. The ReminderAlert is sent to you and the extra recipients you have selected.

  8. We want to remove email addresses, how do I do that?

    You need to log in to your account to do so and "Edit Settings" to change the user or delete them. A minimum of one user will always have to stay active.

  9. Security?

    Reminder Netherlands BV finds safety and reliability the basis to do business. After logging in, your connection to is encrypted. even has an Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV-SSL), issued by GeoTrust. All your confidential information is protected., the data obtained with the content of the Customer is not available to third parties or used for making personalized offers.

  10. Problems logging in?

    If you can't login, you can use the "Forgot Password" feature. We then create a temporary new password, which is sent to the email address associated with your account. After first login you must change the password yourself.

  11. Our subscription has expired, how can I activate it again and extend?

    During office hours you can contact one of our employees. Via chat, email and phone, we will bring you directly online, so you can make use of reminder again.