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Below you find a short overview of how you can easily start working with our system. If you want to outsource everything to us, please click here.

If you start working with reminder yourself and registered with us, you will
receive an e-mail with activation link. After activation, you can login with your e-mailaddress and password.

After logging in, you will visit our secured reminder platform. Your data is protected by


DashboardThe dashboard is the beginning to create and manage your Reminders, Account and Subscription.

The dashboard provides a consolitaded view of the reminders, you created, wich will soon lead to a ReminderAlert or where you can
start take action already!

If you have any questions or need help, you can reach us by
chat, e-mail or telephone.




We tried to make it easy for you to create and manage Reminders,
so you can simply add you own contracts en other important documents.

In our menu you find many different contracts as suggestions.
By type of contract you can choose the supplier and manufacturers.
Ofcourse you are free to add parties yourself.

Add the enddate and noticed period and you will receive a
ReminderAlert in time.

Your Account

As account Accountmanager you can easily change your settings. You can
create and manage your Profile. From the Economy subscription you
can create and manage multiple users in the account.

When you are registered, Reminder loads a default set of labels that
you can easily change in the settings. As last you have to
possibility to change common Reminder settings, whereby you
overwrite the standard settings.


Your Subscription


Searching for more functionality? Then simply upgrade your subscription.

You will receive a activationlink from your upgraded subscription.
After activation you can directly use the new functions.

The use of starts with logging in.