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Contract management tool

Manage your organization's contracts the smart way with reminder.nl/en/

Contracts or subscriptions which are not cancelled
on time, may cost you a lot! Your supplier will reap
the benefits but you may be tied to an agreement for
years. An agreement you may not even need
anymore and which will cost you dearly.


With reminder.nl you won't be spending too much on agreements you don't need. We will manage all your Agreements, Subscriptions & Guarantees with
our online contract management tool. Register now
and receive ReminderAlerts in your e-mail.

For companies: Remind me on time! Remind me on time! For individuals: Free subscription here! Free subscription here!

What our clients are saying

Ease of use and security

"We are in good time reminded of the fact that a contract is ending. At the moment we are researching whether Pimarox can use reminder.nl for other purposes as well. The ease of use and the certainty that we aren't overseeing anything is very reassuring." Pim den Heijer, Pimarox.

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Savings by active contract management

"Reminder.nl is actively sending us reminder mails to signal any ending agreement. In this way agreements which we no longer need are easily and on time ended. Sleeping contracts are as soon as possible stopped and renewal of contracts is a much more consience decision then before. It is an excellent money saver."

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Savings by one big digital archive online

"With reminder.nl we are saying goodby to all our big binders with agreements. Everything in one place and online available to whoever it concerns. The next step for us will be creating savings. The insight, overview and control over all our agreements assures that we renegociate an agreement on time." Marcel Wesseling, director Wesseling Logistics.

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