Willem Vriend | Director - Van Wezel Accountants and Advisors

Willem Vriend | Director

Savings through active contract management!

In 2013, we got an explanation about Reminder. Shortly after we started with implementing all our contracts, personally supervised by Peter Murauer (director). Since then reminder.nl manages our contracts. Reminder.nl keeps us actively informed by email off all expiring contracts. Contracts that are no longer necessary are terminated on time. We are always on time to renegotiate with our suppliers.

We are very satisfied with the operation of the application and the usability. Sleeping contracts are terminated on time and we are more aware of contract extensions, obviously this saves us money.


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Pim den Heijer | Financial Manager - Pimarox

Pim den Heijer | Financial Manager

The ease and certainty that you do not forget anything is very reassuring!

Late last year, Peter explained the concept of "reminder". It seemed very convenient for the SLA's that we have with all our customers and others like Insurances, leasing etc.

Everything was neatly scanned and stored by Reminder. During the scanning and implementation, the use of Reminder already had proven itself. From every location in the world with an Internet connection, you can see the documents and approach them. In addition, you receive several ReminderAlerts on time before a contract expires. We will use reminder for more documents in the near future.

The ease and certainty that you do not forget anything is very reassuring!


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Hans Oudshoorn | Director - Albert Heijn Warmond

Hans Oudshoorn | Director

Within 8 weeks after using reminder.nl the first savings where realized!

Together with reminder.nl we build on our rising business.
In an interview with reminder.nl, Hans Oudshoorn, director of Albert Heijn, said he had already realized the first savings within the first 8 weeks. Direct insight into all documents, the convenience of being able to share documents with the ReminderAlerts in my email is a perfect solution for our company.

"A subscription with reminder.nl saves money, doesn't every business want that"


Hans Oudshoorn | LinkedIn